• People

    Doc. Ing. Nahodil Pavel, CSc.

    nahodil-80x80Associate Professor, Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering and in Intelilligent Mobile Robots Control. Head of Mobile Robotics Group. Was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 1986 he has been a Professor of Technical Cybernetics at the Department of Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague. His present professional interest includes artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, intelligent robotics (control systems of humanoids) and artificial life approaches in general. He is (co-)author of several books, university lecture notes, hundreds of scientific papers and some collection of scientific studies. He is also the international conferences organizer + reviewer (IPC Member) and a member of many Editorial Boards.

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    Ing. Jaroslav Vítků

    jvitku-80x80Graduated in 2011 in Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Artificial Intelligence. His diploma thesis was awarded by Price of Dean. Currently is a PhD student in the CTU, FEE, Department of Cybernetics. His research interest includes behavioral robotics, cognitive science, biologically inspired algorithms and Artificial Life in common.

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    Contemporary Diploma/Bachelor students:

    Bc. Lukáš Skála – Bachelor Thesis
    Bc. Pavol Sekereš – Bachelor Thesis
    Bc. Martin Paňko – Bachelor Thesis
    Bc. Marek Otáhal
    Bc. Pavel Fencl – Bachelor Thesis

    People who participated in the past

    Ing. Kadleček David – PhD student
    Ing. Maixner Václav – extern PhD student, projects: Bob I-IV
    Ing. Petrus Michal – extern PhD student, projects: White Lady, Bob I-IV
    Ing. Svatoš Václav – extern PhD student, projects: Bob I-IV
    Kohout Karel – PhD student
    Ing. Kolář Dan – diploma student 2003/2004
    Ing. Svrček Anton – diploma student 2004/2005
    Bc. Altman Jára – diploma student 2004/2005
    Bc. Duda František – diploma student 2004/2005
    Ing. Foltýn Lukáš – diploma student 2004/2005
    Ing. Mach Martin – diploma student 2004/2005
    Ing. Svoboda Jan – diploma student 2004/2005
    Doc. Ing. Vladimír Eck, CSc.
    Dr. Jaroslav Hlava, PhD.
    Ing. Jaroslav Znamenáček, CSc.
    Ing. Jaroslav Řasa – projects: LadyBird
    Dr. Martin Šafář
    Dr. Luboš Král – projects: Marvin
    Ing. Jaroslav Kurzveil – projects: Bob I-IV
    Ing. Zdeněk Slanina
    Ing. Michal Gruncl – projects: Rover II, White Lady, Bob I-IV
    Ing. Milan Roubal – projects: Marvin
    Ing. Tomáš Hertl – projects: Rover, Marvin
    Ing. Filip Procházka
    Ing. Pavel Dopita – projects: Rover
    Ing. Robert Galiana
    Ing. Jiří Pavlíček
    Ing. Pavel Novák
    Ing. Jaroslav Kočí
    Ing. Jan Korf – projects: Marvin
    Ing. Petr Volprecht
    Ing. Dušan Kolaja – projects: Rover I
    Ing. Tomáš Poslt
    Ing. Zdeněk Šindelář
    Ing. Andreas Kistoro
    Ing. Jan Starý
    Ing. Pavel Šimon – projects: Rover I