• About Us

    These are pages of the Mobile Robots Group. These pages provide a comprehensive summary of all inventions, publications and research in the area of intelligent mobile robotics and artificial life realized by this group since 1992. All here mentioned research has been done at the FEE CTU Prague, department of cybernetics.

    Our Goals

    Intelligent synthetic organisms have their own intelligence, own egos, they organize their own social life in colonies. For more than ten years, we have been developing and researching artificial life of these organisms, ranging from walking mobile robots to Internet agents enabling e-commerce. Multidisciplinary fields such as ethology, psychology, sociology and mathematics provide us necessary knowledge to incorporate intelligence and behavior of existing biological systems into these organisms.


    The group is interrested mainly in the two following areas of research:

    Robotics with aim to behaviour:

    • Intelligent systems based on behaviour
    • Hybrid architectures combining knowledge-based and behavior based approaches.
    • Models inspired by real biological systems and ethology.
    • Social behavior and multi-robots teams.
    • Hardware and software for mobile robotics systems.

    Artificial Life:

    • Animates – simulated agents which exhibit behaviour similar to the real animals.
    • Artificial life simulators.
    • Adaptivity, self-organisation, evolutionary techniques.